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Frequently Asked Questions


Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding the sale of this Dominican Republic resort-style hotel. If your question is not listed below, please email or call using the information on our CONTACT page.

How long have you been in business?
15 successful years this past November

What should I do first if I am interested?
If you have not stayed at Blackbeards, We recommend you make an unannounced, or announced, visit and stay with us for a few nights. Once there you can meet the staff and ask our local representative all of the questions you would like to.

Does the hotel have any debt?

Should I invest by myself or seek partners?
That decision is up to you. However a group of investors would be encouraged. This would spread out the responsibilities and financial investment.

What is your average occupancy?
We average almost 80% occupancy year in and year out including double occupancy rooms. Many guests (90%) are repeat customers who return again and again.

Will the purchase transaction be complicated?
No, rather than starting from scratch you would be purchasing my shares of the newly formed corporation that controls all of the assets of the hotel land, hotel, business, and trademarks.

Would the purchase include the “Blackbeards” and “Barbe Negra” trademarks?
Yes, but only for use in the Dominican Republic.

How are the hotel revenue areas accounted for?
QuickBooks is broken down into 10 separate profit and loss centers so that you can pin-point problem areas. These areas include tour sales, bar, rooms, restaurant, massage, gift shop, transportation, money exchange, etc.

Land, buildings, fixtures and improvements are valued at $675,000 US. How did you arrive at this figure?
Certified appraisals and replacement estimates from respected architects and contractors.

The business is valued at $675,000 US. How did you arrive at that figure?
The valuation was calculated using numerous formulas that are/were recommended by the Cornell University Hotel Valuation formulas, plus numerous industry experts. Formulas were based on gross sales, gross cash flow before and after taxes, and net free cash/benefits to the owner.

How will I know if the hotel revenue justifies your “asking price”?
Once we have mutually determined that you are an interested and qualified buyer we will show you the basic figures such as gross revenues, revenue per room, occupancy etc. If you are still interested then we will ask you for a $10,000 US non-refundable fee to have full access with your accountant, to our accounting office and our QuickBooks program. If you find that our figures do not match what we originally told you we will refund your money; otherwise it will be applied to the purchase price.

Will you email profit and loss financial information or provide it by the phone?
No, for obvious business reasons we can only provide general information but detailed P&L’s can only be provided at the hotel or Florida under the previous conditions.

Will you be providing financing?
Due to the already discounted price as well as my retirement plans we cannot provide financing. This has to be a cash deal.

What drives the continuous successful occupancy?
Repeat business, referrals and our bi-monthly newsletter. Our guests have come to expect everything will be consistent with constant improvements.

Your business is certainly not a “normal” hotel. Do you have any problems with having the girls at Blackbeards?
It took us many years to earn our excellent reputation. Not only in the community, but with all police departments and the Department of Health that oversees the girls and mamasans.

Employee turnover?
Very low. Most of our employees have been here 11+ years.

Is the area safe?
Yes. The community has its own security force and our security guard is in direct radio contact with them and the national and tourism police.

Do you provide guest transportation to and from the airports?
Yes. We have an arrangement with the local Taxi Union for both Puerto Plata and Santiago.

Employee training?
We have developed a complete training program for all employees – both new and ongoing.



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Printable Hotel Listing and Details